Malaspiedras 1.redimensionado

The Project: The Malaspiedras project aims to value, care for and recover the most traditional plots of Arrieta Compañon family farms planted by our grandfathers and today we offer the fruits of the highest quality for winemaking.

- The Plots: "El Plano", "Balondo", "Vasconegro" and "Anagorio" all located in the municipality of Lanciego at an altitude of about 560 meters. All these small family plots are old farms that produce high quality grapes.

- Wine growing: Based on the minimal interaction in the vineyard and in a totally oriented to quality care grape vine growing. The wine also has the certificate of organic viticulture.

- Elaboration: Vintage individualized per plot. It is harvested manually in boxes and farms are vinified separately in open macerators 1,000 kg. Fermentanción spontaneously with native yeast and aged on lees in barrels of 500 liters of French, American and Hungarian oak.


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