El Cosmonauta y el viaje en el tiempo

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The project: vinification of one of the most special plots we have, the vineyard of the "Monte Viñaspre" .This plot planted by the grandfather Teodoro back in the 40s has a curious blend of varieties.

- The plot: "The vineyard of Monte Viñaspre is located 612 meter high, NE of Lanciego, planted in the tableland forming the Viñaspre river. It features a typical red soil, ferrous calcareous clay. It was planted by the grandfather Teodoro Mauleón in the 40s.

- Viticulture: Viticulture based on minimal interaction in the vineyard and in a fully oriented grape quality care. The wine also is certified organic viticulture

- Wine making .all grapes, both red and white are vinified together, 100% whole grape with stems is used in a semi carbonic maceration. 100% natural brewing without additives and without sulfites.

- Production: 212 magnumsin the 2015 vintage

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